How Tempest and the LGRP Help Public Sector Organisations Achieve Value for Money When Recruiting for Interim Positions

As a digital framework, the LGRP brings a streamlined procurement process to talent acquisition which buys you time and significant savings.

When it comes to recruitment, those working within the public sector face one undeniable truth. As budgets shrink, they will need to be more creative. Renewed scrutiny on expenditure following the recent pandemic is forcing government bodies to answer new and more complex questions when it comes to budgetary spend.

Fortunately, frameworks such as The Local Government Resourcing Partnership (LGRP) provide support for public sector organisations to access and procure recruiting and resourcing services.

With recent government figures revealing that Total Managed Expenditure (TME) as a percentage of GDP point to the public sector accounting for more than 51.9 percent in 2021, there is clearly an appetite to make savings wherever possible.

Shared suppliers and a collaborative approach

But of course, this isn’t a new thing. The 2010 Spending Review committed to cut public sector spending by £81bn in real terms. Then, in its 2012 paper, ’50 Ways to Save’, the Department for Communities and Local Government spoke towards improving public sector procurement through the idea of best practice and the collective buying of goods and services as part of this.

In fact, this idea formed the basis for the London Boroughs’ Recruitment Partnership back in 2005, when it was established that taking a collaborative approach towards a range of shared suppliers would be most prudent in achieving economies of scale. By 2011 that partnership, now known as the LGRP, represented 28 London Boroughs and accounted for more than £1.5m in annual savings.

Today, Tempest proudly sits on Lot-1 of the latest incarnation of the LGRP framework as an approved partner for Interim Recruitment, enabling us to offer approved senior interim recruitment solutions to all public sector organisations.

Best value to government bodies

But what does that mean for you? Well, for one, it gives you access to our experienced team of consultants who have more than 50 years’ combined experience when recruiting for CEOs, directors, assistant directors and Heads of service across all government sectors. This gives them a unique understanding built around delivering upon the increasing annual savings needed by councils on an annual basis.

As we look to provide best value to government bodies, we ensure you have direct contact with our experienced team of consultants who offer considered opinion when assessing particular roles and needs around interim recruitment solutions. At the same time, their wider experience and expertise as part of a larger public sector recruitment business means they are familiar with the landscape and complexities associated with particular roles. Unlike many of our competitors our consultants are also specifically focused on interim recruitment. Critically, this allows us to provide a recruitment experience tailored to your exact requirements. This is underpinned by an unwavering desire to foster long-term relationships that work both to the benefit of local authorities and candidates, helping to give us a 360º view of those we serve.

The Tempest difference

As a privately run business our focus has always been on quality of service above all and this is reflected in the way we approach every interim position we recruit for. You won’t catch us sending out poorly targeted automated mail shots. Instead, we are led by the personal approach that has served us so well for more than a decade.

In addition, clients look to us for our charge rates which may often be significantly lower than others on the LGRP framework, allowing us to offer access to candidates at a price that offers better value for money.

Use of the LGRP also brings significant other benefits to those using it. LGRP works for you by allowing you to engage directly with the supplier you chose paying the fee in a straightforward manner that buys you time in the process. By comparison, you won’t be engaging with suppliers who don’t understand your requirements fully, saving you time in the overall shortlist and interview process.

Most importantly, you can move forward with the search and selection process safe in the knowledge that as a provider our accreditation has been checked to ensure transactional compliance, with the LGRP framework also allowing you to make a direct award to the provider you believe best fits your needs without undertaking further competition.


To talk to one of our specialist consultants about how Tempest and the LGRP can help public sector organisations achieve value for money when recruiting for interim positions, please get in touch.